Tuesday, January 26, 2010


November brought us into the "fall" here in AZ where we really don't have seasons. We had a great Thanksgivng that we shared with family. We stayed busy with work and school and all that good stuff. Here are some pics of the kids, our family carwash, and my first pot pie with left over turkey from Thanksgiving.


One more big event in October was Wayland leaving his job at the engineering firm and starting his training business full time. This also meant that I went to work full time. So we had a lot of changes going on. We had been talking about this for months, then in August we got serious about it and started really praying and fasting about it. Finally in October we felt it was the right time to go through with our plans. So far it has been great. Onewaysports has started to take off. Wayland is doing bootcamps 5 days a week and every afternoon from 2-9 is he is booked with athletes. Saturdays he is doing mini football clinics and Sunday we rest. I am so proud of how hard Wayland has worked for this and I love what Onewaysports does for our family. The kids love being with their Dad and love watching him train. They even love to workout. Kyana is the only 1 year old I know that can do push-ups, squats and lunges. I will have to get a video of that on here. Check out Wayland's website it is super fun and you can see what he is doing. www.onewaysportsllc.com


Halloween was fun. Jayden had a party at his pre-school friday. It was lots of fun they had lunch, played at the part, and had a pinata. Halloween day we went to the ASU game. It was our first time sitting in the player guest section. It was fun being so close to the field as opposed to our nose bleed season tickets. We love ASU and it was fun for Jayden to see the guys up close especially the ones that he knows. He hasn't seen them in their pads and everything face to face he is used to seeing them in street clothes so he was loving it!! That night we took the kids trick or treating. We did a few streets in the neighborhood and they were done, which was fine with us because we don't need all that candy in the house. Jayden was spiderman and Kyana was a fairy princess (eventhough she only kept the wings on for 2 minutes). I also threw in a picture of my costume, I was a cavewoman. We have a theme at work every year and this year it was cavemen and cavewomen. I made my own costume so I was pretty proud of myself!!

No More Training Wheels----October

October was a big month for Jayden. We finally took his trainig wheels off his bike. Jayden has been asking me for months to take his trainig wheels off, but I just never felt comfortable doing it because he is so young. How many 3 years olds do you know that ride a two wheeler? Me....none! Jayden is very adventurious and has no fear so sometimes he trys things that are really scary to me. This was one of them. So I didn't want to be the enabler this time. (I know some of my friends think I am crazy because I let Jayden do stuff like jump off high walls and wakeboard). Anyways we took them off and he took off. He did awesome. Now (3 months later) he is so fast on his bike I can't believe it. I am so proud of my 3 year old!!!! Love you Jay!!! Here is a video taken day 1 of no training wheels.

Double Wedding Weekend--October

The next weekend in October we had two weddings. The tricky thing is one was in LA on saturday while the other one was in Sacramento on Sunday. The LA wedding was my lab partner from college Tony and the Sacramento wedding was Waylands college football buddy Tim. There was no way we were going to miss either of these so we made the drive to LA friday night went to Tony's wedding Saturday. I don't have any pics of that one because I forgot my camera darn it. The wedding was beautiful, they transformed a community center into an elegant dining room and then as the night went on it opened up into a club. It looked like a real nightclub it was awesome. It was so good to see Tony and I am glad that he is so happy.

Then Sunday morning we flew up to Sacramento for Tim's wedding. (We left the kids with my parents.....Thanks Mom and Dad you guys are the greatest!!! My Dad actually watched the kids Saturday night while my Mom was enjoying Barry Manalow at the Hollywood Bowl!!!....Thanks Dad because I know my kids are crazy.) The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun. It was great to see Tim and some other buddies and his new wife Jessica is beautiful and so sweet. They had an outdoor cerimony and then we partied it up in a beautiful hall on the premises it was great. I have a few pics from that night so enjoy!!

Trip to Humbolt October

October was a very crazy, yet very fun month. We spent one weekend up at Humboldt State (where Way and I met and fell in love). We have been wanting to take the kids up there because it is so beautiful and such an important place for us. The weekend of October 15 was the homecoming football game and the alumni softball game, so we made the trek from Phoenix to Arcata. We took a flight from Phoenix to San Jose on Thursday afternoon, then rented a car to make the 6 hour drive from San Jose to Arcata (just north of Eureka, CA). We drove as far as we could until we were both exhausted and found a hotel about 90 miles from Arcata where we slept. Friday we made our way up to the campus and toured all their new facilities. We stopped on our way up to see the drive thru tree and the eternal tree house these are both amazing if you ever head to northern Cali. We talked with some of our old coaches and had a blast. Saturday morning I played in the alumni softball game and Saturday night we enjoyed the homecoming football game. Then sunday morning we had breakfast with friends then made the drive and flight home. It was such an awesome weekend. We got to see a lot of good friends we hadn't seen in a while Dustin and Kerrie were amazing hosts. We could not have asked for more fun. Thanks for being so awesome guys we love you!!! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend we had a blast and enjoyed the beauty of the redwoods that we miss so much.


Here are just a few pics of some things we did in September. We went to the Arizona Cardinals pre-season game (we took my nephew Nathan). It was a lot of fun and that staduim is amazing. The only other pics I have is the kids playing at Barneys which we do almost everyday.